fibreFLEX™ Modular Utilities Chambers offer unmatched flexibility to the installer in underground fibre and other utilities networks.

The fibreFLEX™ Range of composite utilities chambers are a state-of-the-art solution where multiple panel arrangements are supplied in a “flat pack” format, which are easily assembled on site resulting in various length and depth configurations.

Different combinations of panels allow for different chamber sizes and our design also allows for vertical extension where deeper trenching standards and potential road or paving upgrades exist (floating lid).

Key Advantages:

  • fibreFLEX™ Modular Chambers are available with RAMAC™ Smart Monitoring and Security Technology solutions.
  • Multi-port knock outs offer varying duct diameter interface options with m4a (Pty) Ltd.’s fibreDUCT™ range.
  • A composite design allows for high strength / low weight – installation cost savings.
  • Size flexibility suited to all fibre and utility traffic installations.
  • Easy assembly with basic hand tools only.
  • Interoperability with m4a (Pty) Ltd.’s selection of CNKT™ Fibre Splice Closure Range of Products.
  • Manual on-site sawing of ports possible to accommodate existing utilities.
  • The use of high strength composites for covers improves load bearing capabilities and eliminates theft and corrosion.
  • Flat Pack format allows for increased shipping volumes – transport cost savings.
  • fibreFLEX™ Modular Utilities Chambers are available with carbon friendly materials – Taking Carbon Back.