Specs and Techs: Fibre Splice Closure – 12F


The CNKT-FSC-12F is an environmentally IP68 sealed closure typically designed to connect FTTH drop cables to the distribution network. This generic closure provides the function of splice and passive component integration in the external network. The CNKT-FSC-12F has a small compact design for modern fibre optic deployments.


  • Single ended IP68 base and dome are sealed with a 4-way latch and Oring system.
  • The Closure has one mechanical oval port that allows for the looping of the distribution cable.
  • The single element splice tray provides a splice capacity of up to 8 fibres.
  • The splice tray uses splice protection sleeves.
  • Compatible with most common cable types: e.g. loose tube micro cable.
  • The uncut tube can be safely stored in the base of the closure.
  • Mid-span fibres can be safely stored on the splice tray.
  • Drop cables can be spliced or pre-connectorised.
  • Drop cable can be secured on the fixations bar.
  • The splice tray has a footprint of up to 2x SC or 2x LC DX adaptors in each port.
  • Storage for 1x PLC Splitter.

Mechanical Entry Options:

  • Oval port mechanical sealing kit
  • Oval port Ø 65mm
  • Up to 8 micro cables
  • Up to 4 drop cables for each entry/exit port
  • Maximum cable diameter 2.5 – 4.5mm

Dimensions (mm)

L 178mm
W1 114mm
W2 103mm
Single element Splice capacity 8 Fibres
Adaptors Footprint / 2 LC DX
Splice capacity with adaptors 8 Fibres
Splice Trays 
1x Tray 8 Fibres
4 x Pre-connected Fibres
8 x Drop Fibres

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