Specs and Techs: Composite Pole


cnktPOLE™ is a composite pole for aerial deployment of fibre which removes the historical difficulties of steel, concrete and wood builds. Long lasting, light weight and extremely durable, cnktPOLE™ increases the longevity of the installation and decreases the maintenance costs associated with wear and tear. The reduced cost of transport and installation labour makes these poles a very cost-effective solution for fibre network builders and operators.

The cnktPOLE™ composite monopole requires no maintenance at all. Once installed, nothing more than routine inspections needs to be done. In LLSM projects installing new poles in remote, rural locations without road access, these poles can be carried by hand and dressed on site. Because composite poles are so light, they are also easy to install in dense urban environments without the need of heavy cranes and other large equipment. A single pole can be installed in just a few hours without major disruptions.

The cnktPOLE™ is stronger than wooden poles. These poles will hold up against everything mother nature can throw at them. They can withstand high winds and the heavy loads such winds generate. Where wood poles might snap, our composite poles will stand tall.


  • Self-extinguishing. Resistant to chemical agents, to harmful and industrial environments, water resistant, UV resistant.
  • Paintable, recoverable and reusable. The pole allows you to lift with rubber grappling hooks, to use studs and self-tapping screws. These poles are light and easy to carry.
  • Zero environmental impact. They don’t need maintenance.


  • Polyester resin reinforced with fiberglass. Orthophthalic polyester resin. The fiberglass reinforcement has a continuous yard form. The customer can choose the colour. Flame retardant and fireproof.


  • Monolithic, tubular, truncated conical element, with closing lids at the base and on the top.
  • Made by centrifugation with fully automated machines that guarantee a constant and uniform production.

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