Straight Connector
8mm Straight Connector R8.20
12mm Straight Connector R11.02
14mm Straight Connector R12.95
16mm Straight Connector R16.24
Pressurised End Caps
8mm Pressurised End Cap R1.80
12mm Pressurised End Cap R7.73
14mm Pressurised End Cap R9.09
16mm Pressurised End Cap R11.41
Connector Covers with Internal Locking
8mm Connector Cover R2.51
12mm Connector Cover R3.48
14mm Connector Cover R4.06
16mm Connector Cover R0.00
Locking Clips
8mm Locking Clip R0.58
12mm Locking Clip R0.77
Dust Cap
8mm Dust Cap R0.77
12mm Dust Cap R0.97
14mm Dust Cap R1.16
16mm Dust Cap R1.55

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