Technical Specifications: HDPE Corrugated Pipe


SANS 61386-24 Class N
ISO 9001:2008

  • Corrugated pipe is supplied in lengths of 6 meters, or coils of 50 meters, complete with couplings – see tables included.
  • The manufacturer’s Quality Management System is certified to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.
  • Corrugated pipes conform to SANS 61386-24 and is marked as Class N with crush resistance higher than 450 N.

General Features:

Design: Our corrugated pipe is a flexible cable conduit system with a unique double walled corrugated construction and manufactured from high density polyethylene (HDPE).
Application: Protection of low and medium tension electrical cables, as well as telecommunication cables.
Crush Resistance: SANS 61386-24 with 5% deformation of internal diameter.
Structure: Stabilised against UV rays and guaranteed for one year from the date of manufacture marked on the pipe.
Presentation: Available in four sizes (50mm, 75mm 110mm, 160mm Nominal Diameter) with a standard length of 6m complete with a knock on coupling, also available in a very flexible version supplied in coils. Different lengths are available on request.
Accessories: Couplings.
Installation: In accordance with SANS 1200 “Civil Engineering Construction” section LB “Bedding of Pipes”, with reference to flexible pipes. However, clause 3.2 can be relaxed to include fill material with a plastic index (PI) not exceeding 12. Proper installation is extremely important.

Type Testing (Physical Tests):

Melt Flow Rate: According to ISO 1133: condition 1T (test parameter: 190°C / 5 Kg / 10 mins) on raw materials of both walls.
According to ISO 1183 (test temperature 23°C) on the pipe and on raw materials of both walls.

Conformity Tests:

Visual Inspection: According to UNI ISO 4582 sections 3-4. The product is marked with a clearly visible product code printed longitudinally every 3 meters along the pipe.
Dimensions: Mean external diameter (cm), minimum internal diameter (dim).
Crush Resistance: According to SANS 61386-24.
Shock Resistance Test: According to SANS 61386-24.
Operating Limits: -50°C to +60°C.

Technical Data:

Standard Coil length50m50m50m25m

Standard Straight lengthn/a6m6m6m

Outer Diameter 50mm 75mm 110mm 160mm
Inner Diameter 40mm 63mm 95mm 137mm
Min. bending Radius (6m length) n/a 1 400mm 2 500mm 4000mm
Min. bending Radius (coils) 150mm 250mm 350mm 450mm
Standard Straight length n/a 6m 6m 6m
Standard Coil length 50m 50m 50m 25m
Pipe Properties 50mm 75mm 110mm 160mm


Description 50mm 75mm 110mm 160mm
Coupling * * * *
Sealing Ring * * * *
End plug * * * *
Spacer module * * *
Access Chamber Entry *
Mandrel * *
Duct brush * *
HDPE flexible bend 0° to 90° (radius mm) Not ≥250 ≥350 ≥450
uPVC long radius bend 90° (radius mm) Required 350 500 600

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