Specs and Techs: 32/26 Sub-Duct


  • Suited to Direct Bury Installation.
  • Cable and Microduct can be installed in the Sub-Duct.
  • Certified for FTTx deployment.
Duct and Multiduct The sub-duct is a Co-extruded High-Density Polyethylene with a silicone layer for low friction. Ribbed interior to improve installation for blowing of cable.
Outer Sheathing The sheathing is a UV stabilised, High-Density Polyethylene Compound.
Drum Length Standard length for this product is 500m. Length may vary by 0.1%.
Sub-Duct Colour Colour can be specified on customer request.
Sub-Duct Marking Meter-marking, Production Date, Batch no, Manufacturer.
Mechanical Properties
Construction DUCT Diameter
Nominal (mm)
Coil Weight
Max Installation Load
Bending Radius Long
Term (mm)
Co-extruded HDPE and Silicone 32 x 26 156 3 000 640

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