Access Chambers

Specs and Techs: axs ST-Chamber™


The Subterrestrial Street Cabinet or axs ST-Chamber™ is a rectangular underground chamber with a protected internal data cabinet. The internal cabinet is raised from a horizontal to a vertical position which allows for functional working access. The cable management system and the working space is designed to facilitate cable protection and ease of cable routing.

The internal cabinet is a 19” data rack format, with “20U” of equipment space. The overall depth of the cabinet is 308mm.

The axs ST Chamber™ carries a fibre agnostic design and is a fit for purpose enclosure to use as:

  • An aggregation point in a GPON network, or
  • As a centralized patch point in a Fibre Ethernet network.

The electrical and insulation properties of the enclosure ensure that it is safe for use with powered radio equipment, active switching systems as well as battery power backup systems.

The axs ST-Chamber™ solves the need to securely move network critical fibre terminations and equipment, at the aggregation point, underground, while still allowing serviceable access and ease of deployment.

The lid is made of composite materials, with designs set to perform at load classes of A15 (1,5T), B125 (12,5T) or C250 (25T) or D400 (40T) as per EN124.

The cabinet and chamber are constructed of 304 brushed plate stainless-steel as the main material, which has great mechanical and anti-corrosion performance properties, with excellent weather resistance. This gives the chamber high strength and an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

The inner cabinet achieves and exceeds the IP68 rated protection level using the principle of water displacement and has several seals to increase the physical protection of the cables. These seals are placed in the cable entry and re-entry points, which then allow for serviceable access after the installation without compromising the water protection levels.

The lifting mechanism of the cabinet supports the installed fibre cables and removes the likely hood of introducing repetitive mechanical stress on the cables.

The axs ST-Chamber™ comes standard with 12 x 110mm ports. The ports include reducer technology, allowing for fitment of 110mm sleeves, or 50mm OD Ducts and lower OD ducting installations.

Dimensions of the Cabinet (mm)1033mm (L) x 750mm (B) x 420mm (D)

Plug durability life

>1000 Cycles

Insulation resistance between protective ground and box


Lifting Support MechanismHydraulic Arm–Number of Cable Entries14 Waterproof Cable EntriesCapacity of the 19” Rack System20HU of vertical space and 308mm of equipment depth

Return loss≥50dBWithstand voltage between protective ground and box>3000VDC/1min No breakdown, no flashover

Dimensions of the Chamber (mm) 1339mm (L) x 889mm (B) x 727mm (H)
Working temperature: -40℃~+60℃
Storage temperature: -40℃~+60℃
Relative humidity: ≤95%(+40℃)
Atmospheric pressure: 70Kpa~106Kpa
Connector attenuation (insertion, interchange, repeat) ≤0.3dB

IoT and Monitoring Functionality (RAMAC™)

The axs ST-Chamber™ can be monitored using the RAMAC™ Intrusion Protection Sensor (T1) and secured using the RAMAC™ Remote Lock Device (RL1). The devices communicate over SIGFOX or LoRa Networks.