Access Chambers

Specs and Techs: 900R Access Chamber


The axs 900R is a modular composite solution offering the network builder unsurpassed flexibility, performance and economy. The Chamber section is an assembly of multiple layers of quarter segments (see height options).

Features and Benefits:

  • Access Chambers are available with RAMAC™ Smart Monitoring Technology options.
  • Interoperable with our selection of CNKT Fibre Splice Closure Range of Products.
  • Modern composite design ensures high strength / low weight for installation cost savings.
  • Ideal for high fibre traffic installations – up to 4 × 144 Fibre Closures.
  • Splittable porting panels uniquely allow retrofitting to existing networks or new builds alike.
  • Easy assembly with basic hand tools only.
  • Unique multi-port knock-outs give industry leading interface with all Duct and Multiduct options.
  • Modular design allows various depth configurations (see height options).
  • DMC cover eliminates the threat of theft.
  • Full range of loading options available.
  • Modular knock-down design offers high packing density for transport savings.
Item NO.
Description Quantity

Lid (EN124 A15 / B125 / C250 / D400) / (SANS 1882 MD / HD)

2.  Frame (EN124 A15 / B125 / C250 / D400)/ (SANS 1882 MD / HD) 1

M6 x 50mm Stainless Steel Hex Bolt, Washers (2) and Nut

M6 x 35mm Stainless Steel Hex Bolt, Washers (2) and Nut

M6 Hex Nut and Washer




4.  PP Composite Split Panels 8
5.  Composite Latching Clips 16
6.  DMC 900mm Base 1
7. PP Composite Slack Brackets 4
8.  Dome closure bracket 1
  Loading Class As per EN124 Weight (Europe) A15 – 15kN B125 – 125kN C250 – 250kN  
  Loading class – SABS (Africa)  – .7kN MD – 40kN HD – 135kN  
  Loading class (USA) Tier 15, 22 and HS20 Load classes  
Dimensions Drawings on request
Multiport Advantage
Duct port with 50mm and
110mm knock-out.
110mm Duct forms sand tight seal in the port. Rubber Grommet allows sand tight seal with Multiduct. Rubber Grommet allows sand tight transition to Microduct.

No foaming or sealing agents required for system integrity. No tools required.

Loading Qty’s (product code) 18m Link 6m (20’) Container 12m (40’) Container
axs900R 450 On request On request On request
axs900R 900 64 Units (Assembled) 54 Units (Knock-Down) 108 Units (Knock-Down)
axs900R 1350 On request On request On request