Access Chambers


The axs 900R 1350 SCS solution is a complete Small Cell or Radio Transmission solution focussed on sub terrestrial deployment of the active equipment and lightweight and strong composite poles for the antennae clusters. It brings the reduced space requirements of LTE and 5G, capacity and coverage upliftment, into a compact form factor with all the cooling and electrification needs in one underground secure vault.

The axs 900R 1350 SCS can house multiple Remote Radio Units or other network transmission hardware. The composite pole can house sectorized or omni directional antennae and the axs900R 1350 SCS, in a stand alone configuration, can house a street level antenna in its lid.

The management of heat energy is controlled by the internal infrastructure and the enhanced heat transfer management system allows for up to 3kW of equipment housed inside. The batteries are native 48VDC with zero-heat generation and their control circuits are built in which drastically decreases space requirements.

The electrification is done by direct connection into the grid and has connectivity for the battery backup and photovoltaic systems. The system incorporates electrical power supplies and inverters to cater for AC or DC supply to active equipment that would be required for the future connected world.

It is a water tight axs 900R 1350 SCS, constructed in light weight composite materials to protect and secure the valuable equipment it will house.

A full range of IoT sensors will detect and report on security, operational parameters, electrical & battery supply and environmental changes. The IoT system will also manage access control and will report in real time all activity associated with authorised or unauthorised access. Additional report parameters incorporate the RS232 connections from the individual active equipment housed inside the axs 900R 1350 SCS.

The core design philosophy for the axs 900R 1350 SCS is to combat network outages due to vandalism and theft. Some components like the batteries cannot be used once removed from the network. Complex IP addressable connectivity is required to re-enable these components once removed after installation.

This versatility of deployment and the multi role operations characteristics of the axs 900R 1350 SCS makes this an asset in any network, from radio back haul for FTTx networks to complex duties in Carrier Cellular networks.

The axs 900R 1350 SCS Manhole

The axs 900R 1350 SCS Manhole is a modification of the market leading Telecommunications Manhole. The manhole is modified to make the walls water tight and the additional volume in the extended portion, is sealed from view to create a secure void for the storage of batteries.

The cavity created by this construction is 900mm Ø and 1.35m deep. The battery equipment will be housed on the base of the cube with a false floor cover installed to obscure them. It will present as a floor in the cube. Internal routing and port access entries facilitate both external fibre and electrical cable as well as all antennae cabling.

Internal mounting for equipment is done on the mount platforms and the batteries are placed and connected in the void below the false floor.

Port entries for the cabling is double sealed with compression multi-glands with capacity for a wide range of ducts and cables while providing adequate sealing.

The Pole

The pole is constructed out of composite material with a strength profile and firmness profile that can accommodate wind speeds of up to 140km/h and with a capacity to carry a weight of 250kg at the crow’s nest. The stiffness has been designed to support the minimum required deflection for cellular network operations.

Internally the pole houses from the top down the following features:
• A lightning spike at its pinnacle.
• Mounting brackets to accommodate antennae fixation.
• Sealed glad entries for the transmission cables.
• Internal lightning conductors for surge protection.
• Venting options for the heat exchange unit.
• A cavity at the base to house electrical circuit protection and grid connections.

The lightweight but strong construction offers a strong mounting solution for the antennae cluster. It has support for both a sectorised or omni directional antenna configuration. A lightweight cladding façade completes the construction and provides an aesthetically pleasing look which can be augmented with additional fittings for lighting, CCTV camera mounts and solar panel installations.

The cables for the antenna cluster is routed internally within the composite pole and its plinth, and provides a sealed access into the axs900R 1350 SCS.

The pole will house the electrification connection where it is isolated from the active equipment and where it is protected from surges. An additional protection level is offered with a dedicated spike to earth conductor installed. This will dissipate lightning strikes to earth.

In severe cases additional earth mats will be installed prior to the cube installation. Earth continuity testing and comprehensive COC testing will ensure safe electrical compliance for the installation.


The axs900R 1350 SCS has a Distribution Board (DB) mounted either in the composite pole for easy maintenance or in an IP rated enclosure inside the cube. The main power is fed to the active equipment either directly in 230VAC or through the battery solution of 400Ah at 48VDC with an inverter to condition the power.

Power for the site will be investigated in the site acquisition process.

Heat Management

Heat management inside the axs900R 1350 SCS is controlled by heat exchanger technology and monitored by the IoT sensor panel. The Heat Pipe assembly provide effective heat control for the active equipment and to provide a temperature within operating specifications for the battery system to function at optimum levels.

IoT Monitoring Technology

The RAMAC system forms the complete monitoring and access control solution for the axs 900R 1350 SCS. It has a range of sensors measuring and reporting on the conditions including:
• Internal Temperature.
• Moisture Detection.
• Battery Condition and Charge Level.
• Voltage parameters for the Inverter and for the Direct Connections.
The principle security feature of the IoT Sensor panel is for the control of access into the manhole and for the reporting of unauthorised access.

The RAMAC system is Sigfox or LORA enabled.

Antennae Cluster

The pole can be dressed to suit the format and size of any current antenna solution. Two options for fixation are done either in the direct mounting of the antenna onto the pole and feeding the connections into the pole through weather sealed ports or mounting the antennae of purpose build mounting hardware.

The spectrum, frequency and signal propagation requirements will be analysed to ensure complete compliance with the functional requirements for the site.

Additional mounting options can be supplied to cater for WIFI or LORA gateways to be installed as additional services.