Access Chambers

Specs and Techs: 380SQ FTTH Access Point


This specification describes the axs 380SQ ICT Access Point. Also known variously as: draw box, boundary box, hand-hole, drawbox. The unit weight is 3,1kg.

Features and Benefits:

Access Chambers are available with RAMAC™ Smart Monitoring Technology options

The main use of the box is for applications where:

  • A larger footprint is allowed on the pavement
  • New installations
  • Limited/minimal traffic is expected
  • Connecting residential clients to networks
  • Larger working area inside the unit

Installation Instructions:

As with all plastic structures, installation and backfilling of these manholes/draw-boxes both form an integral part of the structure. Bad/inadequate installation practice may lead to failure.

1. Bedding

A stone free bedding (underlayer) of minimum 50mm is required. Quarry sand is suggested.

2. Backfilling

Backfilling (reinstatement) to paving level should be competed with stone free (-6mm) material. This should be layered 50 – 75mm
at a time, and tamped to required compaction. Stabilisation of the backfill material with the addition of 5% cement is recommended,ensuring stability of the construction/assembly.

3. Compaction

These are small units, and mechanical tamping is not recommended.


This specialist, high quality, injection-moulded product is produced using SABS grade fibre filled Polypropylene (PP) Plastic viz:
• Chemically coupled, long term heat stabilized, natural
• A UV Stabilizing agent is added for longer life in exposed areas

1. Box and cover PP, UV stabilised
2. Lock PP, UV stabilised
3. O Ring 6mm diameter NBR
Colour Black
Dimensions As per drawings on request
Branding As per clients specification
Loading 1500Kg Downward Point load with 150mm footprint
Chamber Lid Chamber
280mm x 380mm – this is the “footprint” after installation.
Chamber lid – 1,64kg.
The box section is supplied with knock-out type holes, or with drilling, 50mm two holes per side, and two holes 10mm per side. Chamber – 1,46kg