Access Chambers

Specs and Techs: 200D FTTH Access Point


Access Chambers are available with RAMAC™ Smart Monitoring Technology options.This specification describes the axs 200D FTTH Access Point. Also known variously as: Draw Box, Boundary Box or Hand-Hole. The unit weight is 2,31kg


The main use of the box is for applications where:

  • A small footprint is required on the pavement.
  • New installations.
  • Limited/minimal traffic is expected.
  • Tailor made entries/exits.
  • More economical unit is required.
  • Deeper connection (tailor made chamber).


This connection box, is made of:

  •  A Lid and Frame, injection-moulded using SABS grade fibre filled Polypropylene (PP) UV Stabilized.
  • An extruded SABS Polyvinyl Chloride shaft (pipe section), cut to customer requirement.

Installation Instructions:

As with all plastic structures, installation and backfilling of these manholes/draw-boxes both form an integral part of the structure. Bad/inadequate installation practice may lead to failure.

1. Bedding

A stone free bedding (underlayer) of minimum 50mm is required. Quarry sand is suggested.

2. Backfilling

Backfilling (reinstatement) to paving level should be competed with stone free (-6mm) material. This should be layered 50 – 75mm
at a time, and tamped to required compaction. Stabilisation of the backfill material with the addition of 5% cement is recommended, ensuring stability of the construction/assembly.

3. Compaction

These are small units, and mechanical tamping is not recommended.

1. Hinged lid PP, UV stabilised (Black)
2. Lock Nylon
3. Seal 6mm dia NBR
4. Cover PP, UV stabilised (Black)
5. Chamber SABS PVC
6. Base PP, UV stabilised (Black)
Dimensions As per drawings
Branding As per clients specification
Loading 700Kg Downward Point load with 150mm footprint
Chamber Components
Lid and Frame Section 240mm x 220mm overall – this is the “footprint” after installation.
Lid – 0,39kg
Frame – 0,47kg
Chamber (PVC Pipe) This section is standard SABS PVC pipe section, cut to customer height, but generally 300mm.
Chamber – 1,15kg
Dimensions 225mm x 225mm with a weight of 0,31kg