Access Chambers

m4a (Pty) Ltd has developed a range of ICT Access Chambers which have applications from the longhaul, where large closures and high cable densities are required, down to Boundary Boxes – all of which connect FTTx users. Our Access Chambers (axsCHAMBERS™) are available with RAMAC™ Smart Monitoring Technology options.

The benefits of our composite solutions include:
– Our
Access Chamber range offers precision moulded products ensuring consistent product quality.
– Modern composites offer high tensile, flexural and compressive strengths, resulting lighter weight products with higher strengths.
– In addition they are non-porous and non-corrosive materials, with no electrical conductivity offering long operational life.
– UV stabilisation assures performance even in the harshest conditions.
– Our composite products are non-recyclable, and eliminate theft.
– Eco-friendly and low carbon footprint processes.
– A15, B125, C250 and D400 performance options available.

Key Advantages

Lightweight Advantages


Composite materials (DMC) are used for the Cover and Lid. Fibrefilled Poly Propylene is used for the Chamber panels. This combination delivers the performance required while eliminating the weight of traditional materials such as concrete.

The result is DIRECT PLANT AND LABOUR COST SAVINGS and further COST SAVING BENEFITS are attained with a QUICKER BUILD. These modern materials are of no secondary value thus ELIMINATING THEFT.

Duct Interface (Connection Porting)


Our Product Range is the industry leader by having integral
interface with all Duct sizes:

• No drilling manhole ports on site
• Sand-tight Jointing.
• No foam sealants, resulting in further savings. 

As per adjacent photo, a 110mm duct is directly coupled, Micro Duct can be connected with a rubber grommet as depicted. A 2- way and 4-way Multi Duct are also shown.

Transportation Savings

Our solutions are shipped in a knock-down format, resulting in high pack density and transport cost savings 40-foot container:

• 600R – 240 units (knock down) per load
• 900R – 108 units (knock down) per load

Assembly of the units requires only simple hand tools (10mm spanner and a mallet). Full assembly instructions are available on request.

Split Units for Retro-Fittings onto Existing Networks


Both the axs 600R and axs 900R are an assembly of Panels. These have been designed to allow the installer to “split from the manhole” and install it over existing lines.

The axs 900R base shown left has been split for the upper section. The base slips in under the Network ducting and the upper section is then bolted back on top.

Slack Management

Slack management brackets are offered and are optional in our range of products.

Client specific options are available on request.